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Most mRNAs have relatively short poly (A) tails at 3' UTR, usually ~20–40 nucleotides in length, when they are dormant. The molecular mechanisms involved in the extension of the poly (A) tails are another important mechanism of translational control. In the 3′ UTR of mRNAs, two cis sequences are required for polyadenylation: the cytoplasmic polyadenylation element (CPE, consensus sequence of UUUUUAU) and the hexanucleotide sequence AAUAAA, which also The 3' UTR is found immediately following the translation stop codon. The 3' UTR plays a critical role in translation termination as well as post-transcriptional modification.

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To obtain a complete collection of full-length 3'UTR sequences of mRNAs of Eph receptors and ephrin ligands, we first extracted all available mouse Eph/ephrin sequences from the GenBank database of the NCBI. The 3′UTR features a variable region, followed by a poly(U/UC) tract and a 3′X region with three predicted stem loops (3′SL1-3) ( Figure 1 B). Along with the HCV 5′UTR, which includes an internal ribosome entry site (IRES) ( Figure 1 A), the highly conserved 98-nt 3′X region is critical for viral replication ( 11 ). 上流の非翻訳領域は5' 非翻訳領域(5' UTR:Five prime untranslated region)と呼ばれ、その5' 端は成熟mRNA ではキャップ構造の付加が起こる。 一方下流の 非翻訳領域 は 3' 非翻訳領域 (3' UTR:Three prime untranslated region)と呼ばれ、その3' 端は成熟mRNA ではポリアデニル化によりpoly(A) 鎖の付加が起こる。 3' UTR In genetics, the 3' UTR (read as 3 prime untranslated region) is a particular section of messenger RNA ().. Like all strands of nucleic acid, mRNA is directional. One end is the 5' (five prime) end: the other is the 3' (three prime) end. UTR is a rating system that provides a single, unifying language and standard for tennis players across ages, geography, gender and economics.


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8 Meter. UTR. 355. 281. 319.

doi: 10.1105/tpc.113.120972. qPCR arrays and primers, qPCR kits, 3'UTR clones, precursor clones, inhibitor clones.
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Therefore, 3′ UTR-mediated information transfer can regulate protein features that are not encoded in the amino acid sequence. This review summarizes both 3′ UTR functions—the regulation of mRNA and protein-based processes—and highlights how each 3′ UTR function was discovered with a focus on experimental approaches used and the concepts that were learned. All of OriGene’s 3’UTR clones are constructed in this vector.

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1212: Role of the 3'UTR in translation and stability of

71. 103. 9. 39. 37 38. 63 64.